GRIZZLY 3 Blend Premium Silicone Lubricant is formulated to create ultra-smooth, friction free, intimate encounters. The finest premium silicones available are blended into an advanced formula for exceptional glide and silkiness. Grizzly Premium Silicone makes every caress a delightful and sensual encounter.


Designed to be incredibly long lasting, velvety smooth and water-proof. Super slick and never sticky. Grizzly Premium Silicone can also be used for erotic massage, leaving your skin moisturized and silky soft.


• 100% Silicone + Vitamin E
• Non Toxic, Non Allergenic
• Long Lasting Formula
• Slick & Silky
• Proudly Made In The USA

Grizzly 3 Blend Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant

SKU: 50-9204-8.5oz
  • DIRECTIONS: Apply the desired amount to intimate areas for desired results. Reapply as desired or needed.  Easily washes away with warm soapy water.


    WARNING:  This product is not a contraceptive or spermicide.  If irritation or discomfort occurs discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes and ears. Lubricants are slippery on surfaces, clean immediately after use.  Do not use if tamper seal is missing or open.  Store bottle in room temperature and in an upright position to prevent leaking. 


    **This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**

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